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Discussion points for Seven Suspects


What was your first impression of Bobbi in this book? How did it change, if at all?


What impressions of transsexual women did you draw from Seven Suspects?


If you were sitting down to chat with Bobbi today, what would you like to talk about?


What was your reaction to each of the suspects Bobbi confronted? What did you think of her perceptions of them before and after the confrontations?


Would you invite Bobbi to your family's Thanksgiving dinner? Why or why not?


Did reading Seven Suspects change how you might react to a transsexual man or woman you meet in your daily life? If so, how?


How are Bobbi Logan's internal conflicts different than a genetic woman's conflicts might be?


How is Bobbi's view of the world different than yours, or your friends?


How do you rate Bobbi's morality? What are your key considerations?


How did you feel about the violence in Seven Suspects?

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