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Seven Suspects


Someone is stalking Bobbi Logan. He moves like a ghost and he's getting more brazen and violent every day. Bobbi should be very afraid and she is, but she refuses to let thugs and bigots run her life. So Bobbi makes up a list of possible suspects and begins confronting them, one by one. When she finds Mr. Wrong, all hell will break loose, but at least she'll see him coming. At least, that's the plan.

'This is a book with heart . . .'

"If you love Bobbi Logan--and I do--Seven Suspects is a hard read at times. Our girl is in peril and James pulls no punches. This is a book with a heart as big as Bobbi's own, more twists than her fanciest up-do, and a love letter to Chicago thrown in for kicks."

    - Catriona McPherson, best selling author and Lefty and Agatha Award winning author of House. Tree. Person.

A Kind of Justice

Bobbi Logan finally has it all—artistic success, a thriving business, a family who loves her, and a handsome leading man. She's one of the most successful transgender women in Chicago.  But Bobbi has secrets and one of them has a brilliant, transphobic cop on her trail, determined to prove she performed the ritual murder of a sexual predator named John Strand.

Transition to Murder

ISBN-978-1-62601-078-9 (digital)

ISBN-978-1-62601-079-6 (print)

If he had killed me tonight, he'd be sleeping like a baby in an hour. I should be scared by that thought, but mostly I'm angry. Not stomp-your-foot angry. Get even angry. Put a knife in his gut and turn it angry.  - Bobbi Logan

In this 2014 re-telling of Coming Out Can Be Murder, Bobbi Logan looks for the man who murdered her friend and got away with it. Finding him is easier than staying alive afterwards.

Coming Out Can Be Murder


Bobbi Logan's year of gender transition was already difficult, but when she begins looking for the man who murdered a friend, it becomes a nightmare of threats and violence in dark places and no hope of help from the authorities, because the man who wants her dead is above the law.

'This book takes you to a place few people ever see!'

To really understand the transgender experience you have to look beyond the makeup and clothing.  You have to know what is going on inside the individuals and those who admire them.  This book is dark but it goes there. It goes to a place that only an insider would normally be privy. If you want an honest, uncensored look at how it feels to be in the shoes of a trans woman, from the inside out, pick up this book!    - Honey West, transgender actress and entertainer

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