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 Renee James is a confessed English major and out transgender author who is also a spouse, parent, grandparent and Vietnam veteran. She took up fiction writing after a long career in magazines as a writer, editor, and owner. Since 2012, she has published six novels and several short stories under various bylines. Her seventh novel, BeatNikki’s Café, was released by Amble Press in June.


Her Renee James bylined novels include the Bobbi Logan trilogy (Coming Out Can Be Murder, A Kind of Justice, and Seven Suspects) which depicts the life and times of a Chicago woman after gender transition in the early 2000s. She is currently working on a collection of short stories that follow the life of a young man whose college graduation thrusts him into the Vietnam war.


Renee James has also co-edited two short story anthologies for Off Campus Writers Workshop:  Turning Points and Meaningful Conflicts.

The Bobbi Logan Trilogy
Heading 5
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